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Theodore Alexander fine furniture

Theodore Alexander is a company so synonymous with fine furniture design and craftsmanship that they are front and center on any list of outstanding furniture craftsmen. Clients choose from furniture styled in innovative designs that are unique and distinctly set apart from other types of furniture. There are thousands of designs to choose from. The company is one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in Southeast Asia and has pioneered the current high-end furniture production that part of the world has become renowned for.


 Theodore Alexander Upholstered Bed



Sedlak Interiors is proud to showcase 3,000 square feet of Theodore Alexander furniture.


Crafted to Last a Lifetime

Founded by a prominent furniture designer in the nineties, the company has since grown to become a name representative of the finest in quality home furnishings. Since its founding 25 years ago, it has gone on to set the world’s standard for fine furnishings. Every item demonstrates brilliant design and is handcrafted with excellence.

 Theodore Alexander Dining Room


Committed to Quality

Now a global retailer, Theodore Alexander is dedicated to its craftsmanship, customers, and its commitment to the environment and various social causes. This is a company that still adheres to classic furniture-making and offers a rich catalog of over 4,000 designs. They are innovative in their approach and as exacting in selecting the type of materials included in their furnishings as they are to their detailed and impeccable design. With Theodore Alexander, consumers can count on quality, outstanding design, and excellence.


Theodore Alexander 2018 Living Room

The company offers various collections including, but not limited to:

Castle Bromwich


Classically Created, Innovatively Designed & Competitively Priced

Each collection is inspired by an artist’s vision and connected to Theodore Alexander’s fine legacy of exquisite furniture design. Clients will find all their furnishing needs are met whether it is for home office, seating cabinetry, lighting or accessories. Everything is classically created, innovatively designed, and competitively priced. The color palette is vast including bold splashes of color, stunning metallics, and classic neutral tones.


Theodore Alexander Desk


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