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It's Time For Stressless®

Ekornes is a family-owned Norwegian furniture company that specializes in the Stressless® Chair series of recliners and sofas that focus on innovative comfort and Scandinavian style. Their sofas, dining furniture, office chairs, and accent furniture are also crafted with the same engineering practices that emphasize ergonomic support. By combining automated production with expert woodworking and handcrafted assembly, Ekornes creates the world’s smartest and most comfortable furniture that stands the test of time. Ekornes is also proud to be endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, which demonstrates their commitment to long-lasting comfort.


Integral to Norwegian culture is a historic connection to the land and sea. By respecting the environment and maintaining its health and natural beauty, Ekornes preserves their cultural heritage and ensures the quality of life for generations to come. Their manufacturing process incorporates several sustainable practices that reduce waste, avoid harmful emissions, prevent deforestation, and uphold humane animal treatment.

  • Excess wood is burned to heat their facilities, which conserves energy and protects local forests.
  • Scrap leather is sold to companies that reuse it to manufacture smaller products.
  • Water-based paints and lacquers are used.
  • By building metal bases with close-loop steel degreasing, Ekornes avoids releasing toxic emissions into the air and nearby fjords.
  • Ekornes only uses leather from cattle bred for meat or dairy production. Their tanneries are required to responsibly source their leather from legally-operating cattle ranches that do not cause deforestation or inhabit protected areas.


Stressless® sofas and recliners are crafted with top-grain leather from the world’s finest tanneries. Their leather upholstery is extensively tested for quality and is sewn by Ekornes’ own expert seamstresses.


Pioneer is a delicate, full-grain aniline leather that’s been treated with oils, waxes, and transparent colors. The soft feel, natural features, and wonderful shine of this exclusive leather only become more attractive over time. Since Pioneer is more vulnerable to heat, sunlight, and moisture, special care and regular maintenance are needed to maintain the luxurious look.


Paloma is a sumptuous semi-aniline leather with a mixture of dyes and pigments that smooth out the grain pattern but also show natural markings and slight color nuances. Soft to the touch and protected with a thin coat of lacquer, Paloma is a popular Stressless® line of leather. 


Noblesse is the most exclusive leather offered by Stressless®. This full-grain, semi-aniline leather features a natural grain, softness, and luster with minor color nuances and occasional skin blemishes that add depth and character. With only a thin topcoat for protection, Noblesse is also the most delicate Ekornes leather and requires regular maintenance to preserve its beauty.


Cori is a grain-embossed leather with a distinct pebbled grain and a protective lacquer layer. Most of its natural markings have been removed to improve the pigmentation and some colors feature unique tone effects. 


Batick is a grain-embossed, fade-resistant leather with a protective coating of lacquer and favorable price. While most of its natural markings have been removed, Batick does feature a lively, two-tone color effect. 



Ekornes launched the first Stressless® recliner in 1971. It soon became world-renowned for its innovative functions, endless ergonomic support, and Scandinavian styling.


The Plus™ System offers an experience of optimum comfort with an articulating headrest that automatically adjusts to support your neck and head as you recline and constant ergonomic lumbar support in any recline position.


The Stressless® patented Glide® System allows you to set the tension of the wheels once and simply use your body weight to adjust your sitting position. 


The BalanceAdapt™ system features a subtle rocking motion and sitting angle that automatically adjusts to your body’s every movement. 


The Stressless® Power™ system is a motorized technology that offers mechanical precision in finding your ideal body position. Achieve maximum comfort with the simple touch of a button. Stressless® Power™ recliners come with the Classic base in 6 Stressless® recliner styles.


Comfort-Zones™ Foam is molded directly over the steel base with consistently placed perforations that ensure proper ventilation and ultimate durability. Two additional layers of foam protect the seat and preserve its functionality.


Stressless® sofas are available in 6 attractive styles and several different configurations. Choose a combination of 2-, 3-, or 4-seater sofas with the options of high backs, one long seat, and fixed seat backs or motorized capabilities. The subtle tilting mechanism of the ErgoAdapt™ system enables Stressless® sofas to automatically adjust to your body’s movement for the perfect sitting or sleeping position. All seat models come with an adjustable headrest and you can choose between either steel or wood details on the armrests.


Dine in comfort with Stressless® ergonomic dining chairs that are designed with the Glide® and BalanceAdapt™ systems for endless sitting positions. The 3-seater dining sofa perfectly matches the height of Stressless® dining tables and features narrow armrests and deep, soft seats.


Furnish your home office with a Stressless® office chair, available in 18 styles. Each model includes a full 360° swivel feature, Plus® System adjustable headrest, Stressless® patented Glide® System, and plush cushioning. Choose between small, medium, and large sizes and low or high seat backs. Select models feature the innovative BalanceAdapt™ system and the LegComfort™ system that hides a footrest under the seat until you want to kick up your feet.



Complete your Stressless® interior design with accent tables that match the retro-modern, Scandinavian style of Stressless® recliners and sofas. Cocktail tables and side tables are available in various combinations of clear tempered glass, European beech wood, and metallic structural accents in aluminum, steel, and chrome. Stressless® USB tables fit perfectly beside Stressless® recliners and have a handy USB connection, while the Stressless® computer table attaches directly to Stressless® Classic base recliners and can be swung aside and folded down when not in use.  


The Double Ottoman provides enough legroom for two with ample inner storage space. The optional wooden table top rests firmly across the width of the Double Ottoman as a surface to place refreshments for guests. The Modern and Soft leather ottomans are designed with a built-in tilt system that adapts the angle of the ottoman to your sitting position.


Stressless® provides leather cleaner solutions, protective creams, and moistened wipes to preserve the quality and beauty of their leather upholstery. Using their leather care kit products will both remove stains and strengthen the stain-resistance of the leather. Stressless® also offers self-adhesive felt for the bottom of their classic ring-based recliners to keep your wood or tile floors in pristine condition.


Add up to 1.5” of sitting height to your Stressless® recliner or ottoman with an attachable elevator ring that simply snaps onto the bottom of the base.

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