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Barclay Butera by Lexington Home Brands

Lexington Home Brands markets its furniture to the lifestyles of its customers instead of simply impeccably furnishing a room. Known for its exciting and innovative designs in fine, upscale furniture, the company is known for its outstanding craftsmanship and work in woods and upholstery. Fans of beautiful, rich fabrics and traditional design will love the Barclay Butera Brand collection. The newest of Lexington’s lifestyle brands offers two separate and unique categories to select from; Brentwood and Newport. The portfolio offers a fresh new look in new traditionalist styling.



Expertly Designed

The Barclay Butera lifestyle collection offers bright and exciting designs for every room of the home from one of the industry’s most renowned designers. This collection is marked by sharp, modern styling and impeccable, classic design. This designer has been creating the cool classic styles highlighted in this outstanding collection for the past two decades. Everything about the designs channel sophistication and stylish presentation and leave no question about the stylish, impeccable taste and eye for detail. Designs are classic but not rigid and don’t follow any established rulebook. The result is something new and exciting anchored to the classic lines and designs fine furniture aficionados have come to expect from Butera.


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Outstanding Quality

The company is an international brand that offers its excellent products both in the United States and in global markets. For its outstanding design, quality, and beauty, it’s a brand that’s hard to match let alone beat.

There are three portfolios in the Barclay Butera collection:


A sophisticated coastal style accentuated by wood tones and designer finishes including Sandstone and Sailcloth. Fabrics used in the collections are soft linens and cotton in neutral and blue color combinations. Patterns include animal patterns, geometric shapes, lattices, and more.



This collection brings back the glamour and elegance of classic Hollywood Regency. Finishes which are hand waxed to a brilliant luster and include layered textiles, ebony, silver leaf, and custom patterns. Veneers are white ash and cathedral cheery. Patterns include stripes, Herringbone, Toile, and embroideries. The color palette features blues, grays, white, and black. Brentwood borrows from the classic Hollywood era but keeps everything modern and on trend giving the collection a look and feel of its own. This represents luxurious Neo Traditionalist design at its finest.




The laid back sophistication of Malibu makes it one of Barclay's favorite destinations. Natural materials, textures and a soothing textile color palette provide a comfortable look for casual elegant living.



The Mailbu, Newport, Brentwood styles from the Barclay Butera collections offer expertly designed pieces for consumers to choose from. Each piece is artfully tailored and the accents spotlight the work of highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. These incredible designs can enhance and highlight every room in a house.


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