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The Shifman Difference

Shifman’s luxurious, hand-crafted mattresses are built with the same commitment to quality, integrity, and true craftsmanship that the company was founded on over 120 years ago. Thoughtful devotion to detail and selection of the world’s finest materials ensure that the beauty of a Shifman mattress goes beyond the surface. Shifman’s world class artisans employ techniques and design principles that have endured the test of time, making the company’s mattresses among the most comfortable and long-lasting products available today.


Natural Materials

A key component of the Shifman Difference is the company’s use of natural materials. Cotton, Shifman’s primary upholstery material has the unique quality of breathability, keeping you feeling warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, layers of luxurious materials, like Joma wool and Pashmina Cashmere are featured in select models.



Shifman believes that everyone should have a great night’s sleep. We understand that sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout your life. When you choose a Shifman mattress you can rest assured that you are sleeping on the highest quality, handmade luxury mattress that is not only comfortable, but gives you the correct support to feel refreshed and revitalized each and every day.



Comfort is a primary consideration when purchasing a mattress. Shifman mattresses are exceptional because they are made with the finest premium, natural materials including New Zealand wool, pashmina cashmere, and the highest quality cotton. Cotton is an exceptionally breathable material; it stays cool in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter. Layers of cotton and natural latex create body-conforming action which helps you relax your muscles, reduce pressure on the spine and ensure a better night’s sleep. At Shifman, we believe that if you have a good night you’ll have a great day.



Sleep plays a vital role in promoting physical health and emotional wellness. A supportive mattress is imperative to awakening refreshed and revitalized each morning. Shifman’s world class artisans combine the performance of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship to provide you with a mattress that offers extraordinary support for correct sleep posture, pressure relief, and improved circulation. Since Shifman mattresses are so well-made, they typically last much longer than the competition, retaining their initial support. A nationally accredited independent testing lab found that a Shifman handmade mattress did not lose firmness over a simulated ten year period, while other leading brands lost up to 24% in the first year.


Shifman Mattress Collections

Integrity, true craftsmanship, dedication to perfection — these are just a few of the ingredients Shifman puts into each luxury mattress to contribute to Shifman’s quality, comfort, and durability.

Shifman Masters Collection

Masters Collection

Shifman’s Masters Collection is distinguished by uncompromising beauty and meticulous craftsmanship in a full range of firmnesses and sumptuous surface comforts.

This luxurious line of mattresses features:

  • Two-sided construction
  • Up to 83 lbs. of natural cotton upholstery plus luxury layers such as natural latex foam, Pashmina and Joma Wool
  • Hand-tufted craftsmanship
  • Superior innerspring (heavy steel hi-profile double offset unit with more coils)
  • Foam and steel edge support in the mattress and steel edge support in the boxspring
  • Shifman’s signature eight-way, hand-tied boxspring
  • Solid brass corner guards

Shifman Vintage Collection Soft Cloud

Shifman Vintage

Shifman Vintage mattress sets offer superior quality and deluxe surface comfort.

This line of mattresses features:

  • Two-sided construction
  • Up to 83 lbs. of natural cotton upholstery
  • Hand-tufted craftsmanship
  • Superior innerspring (heavy steel hi-profile double offset unit with more coils)
  • Foam and steel edge support in the mattress
  • Shifman’s signature eight-way, hand-tied boxspring

Shifman Quilted Collection Diamond

Quilted Collection

Shifman’s Quilted Collection provides customers with quality bedding at popular price points.

This line of mattresses features:

  • Two-sided construction
  • Up to 47 lbs. of natural cotton upholstery
  • Machine quilted surface
  • Quality innerspring (heavy steel Bonnell unit)
  • Foam edge support in the mattress
  • All-coil grid top boxspring

Shifman Pure Comfort Collection 

Pure Comfort Collection

Shifman’s Pure Comfort Collection is its latex line of luxury mattresses.

This line of mattresses features:

  • Two-sided construction
  • A variety of environmentally-friendly products including latex foam and sustainable forest lumber
  • An environmentally-friendly and hypoallergenic luxury mattress option
  • 7½” to 10″ of pure latex foam — among the highest quantity of latex foam available in the industry
  • An all-coil boxspring with independent coil action maximizes comfort and durability

Shifman Modern Comfort Collection

Modern Comfort Collection

Shifman’s Modern Comfort Collection is a combination of premium features such as natural cotton and hand-tufting. Mattresses are compatible with an adjustable base or platform bed.

This line of mattresses features:

  • Two-sided construction
  • Hand-Tufted
  • High Natural Cotton Content
  • Individually Wrapped Coil System



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