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Victorian-Style Furniture & Antique Tabletop Models

Authentic Models embraces the adventurous spirit of the early 19th century by incorporating the design of vintage travel trunks into their handmade hardwood and leather furniture. As their name implies, Authentic Models also creates tabletop models of planes and air balloons, 1950s cars, boats, and various antique globes. Their designs are complemented by an original contemporary twist, allowing each piece to suit both modern and traditional décor settings.

Authentic Models Furniture at Sedlak Interiors

Vintage Luggage & Nautical Furniture Designs

To celebrate exploration and endeavor, Authentic Models handcrafts wooden bars, bookcases, cabinets, desks, tables, chairs, and bar stools in the style of turn-of-the-century travel trunks and seafaring vessels. 


Two-part wheeled bars with solid brass and bronze hardware, canvas-covered wood, and leather accents inside a large trunk set are reminiscent of the pre-World War I belle-époque era. Enjoy the generous storage provided by several drawers, two serving trays, bottle racks, and a foldout work shelf with a removable game board underneath. Add a matching trolley cart to your home bar for serving your guests drinks and appetizers. 

Bookcases & Cabinets

Shelving encased in a dory rowboat shell can provide upright storage for books and nautical décor or convert into a stylish glass-topped table. Inspired by the original French Louis Vuitton and Goyard luggage created for upper-class travelers, Authentic Models’ armoires are decked with brass fittings and hand-sewn bridle leather straps. The nostalgic yet highly practical reproductions include a fold-out surface, removable inset shelf and mirror, and a rattan compartment below. Authentic Models’ Endless Regency Collection features filing cabinets and Victorian travel trunk freestanding shelf units that can be mixed and matched for endless configurations.

Authentic Models Flight Collection Desktop Aviation at Sedlak Interiors

Desks & Tables

Choose a full-size travel trunk style wooden desk or a portable “pack and go” fold-away desk for smaller spaces. The ACE Collection console and side tables resemble porthole construction for a nautical flair, available in three sizes in walnut and gold leaf finishing. Entertain your guests with Authentic Models’ large game table, complete with removable game board table tops to play backgammon, Monopoly, dominos, and poker. Their Victorian luggage trunk-style end and coffee tables are adorned with brass hardware, locks, and keys, and cherry wood slats.

Chairs & Bar Stools

Authentic Models handcrafts chairs and bar stools with high-quality hardwood and fine leather upholstery. For a genuine historical feel, choose their replica of a 19th-century British officer’s campaign armchair, featuring hand-stitched bridle leather, brass hardware, and maple wood. Finish your vintage home bar with Authentic Models’ bar stools that mimic bentwood furniture developed in Vienna, Austria. 

Aviation, Boat, & Car Models

Commemorate the achievements of air, water, and motor transport with Authentic Models’ meticulously detailed tabletop models. Decorate your desk with intricate models of airplanes, runabout boats, sailing ships, steamers, and 1930s racing cars. Mount wooden propellers and oars on the wall of your basement den, or hang a whimsical air balloon mobile over your baby’s crib. 

World Leader in Antique Globe Reproduction

Authentic Models is world-renowned in the replication of centuries-old globe designs and printing techniques, from armillaries to terrestrial compass globes. Their collection represents globes developed by some of the greatest names in cartography, such as the famous Dutch cartographer Gerardus Mercator. Authentic Models’ Mercator globe replicas are hand-engraved with his 1541 charts, made in cooperation with the Royal Library in Brussels, Belgium. Bring an old world charm into your home with one of Authentic Models’ antique, tastefully-mounted globes.

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